• Grinding Single Point Diamond Dressing

          Single Point Diamond Dressing is a common method for dressing vitrified bond grinding wheel. This dressing method often leads to unstable grinding wheel performance, so the dressing method and procedure should be adjus...
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  • Preparation of Grinding Wheel

      Alumina abrasive: hardened steel, nickel base superalloy, superalloy, ferrous metal Ceramic alumina abrasive: hardened steel, nickel base superalloy, viscous stainless steel, superalloy Silicon carbide abrasive: hard alloy...
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  • Grinding Abrasive

        The choice of binder and abrasive is closely related. For example, the use of CBN generally requires the grinding wheel to keep its shape unchanged during use and not be removed from the machine tool until it is consumed...
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  • Ceramic Alumina Abrasive Particles

        The Performance of Ceramic Alumina Abrasive Particles can be improved by adding partially brittle molten alumina to form composite abrasive wheels. At this time, it is necessary to know the cutting arc length of the grin...
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  • Type of Grinding Abrasive

        Abrasives can be divided into two categories: ordinary abrasives (such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, etc.) and superhard abrasives (diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc.). CBN and Jinzeshi are harder and more wear-res...
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  • Grinding Machining

        Grinding can compete with cutting in many fields, either technically or economically. Some fields are even the only processing method. However, many people in the manufacturing industry believe that grinding is inefficie...
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  • Machining Situation

          At the same time, US President Donald Trump unveiled his latest National Security Strategy, which also highlights a "competing perspective" that will see the US deploy a larger and better equipped military. The re...
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  • The International Security Situation

        1. The Risk of Terrorism is Still on the Rise The risk of terrorism, particularly from religious extremism, remains a serious problem for the international community. These threats include not only the Islamic State in t...
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  • Adopt Trade Protectionism And Emphasize Domestic Interests First

        The United States, the world's largest economy, took more than 600 discriminatory trade measures against other countries from 2008 to 2016, and more than 100 in 2019 alone. Under the "leadership" of the United States, ac...
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  • Standing at a New Historical Starting Point

        Standing at a new historical starting point and facing the ongoing changes in the world, China-Russia relations are sounding a new strong note of The Times with a new attitude. In 2019, China and Russia continued to work...
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  • Major Country Relations

      Third, Major Country Relations continued to undergo profound adjustments 1. China-us relations in 2019: Wind and rain 2019 will be a stormy year for China-Us relations, which have been on a downward spiral since the beginn...
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  • World Economy

          In 2019, the story of the world economy did not play out according to optimistic predictions. Due to the major impact of international politics, geopolitics and the deterioration of relations between major co...
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