• Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Micromachining Technology

        1. Physical Micromachining Technology Laser Beam Machining: A process that uses laser beam-directed thermal energy to remove material from a metal or non-metallic surface, better suited for brittle materials with lo...
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  • Microfabrication Techniques

        Microfabrication techniques can be applied to a variety of materials. These materials include polymers, metals, alloys and other hard materials. Micromachining techniques can be precisely machined down to a thousand...
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  • Russian War May change the Global Capital Flows

      Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has made more western financial sanctions against Russia. A series of financial sanctions may profoundly change the global capital flows and asset allocation...
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  • International Financial System Began to Change

        International financial system began to change Beauty of the west to Russia unprecedented sanctions, exposed the world economic system excessive reliance on the dollar and the disadvantages of the U.S. financial system, ...
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  • Russia-Ukraine Conflict Impact on the Global Financial Markets

          In the medium and long term, the negative impact of Western economic sanctions on the global economy may far exceed the Russian-Ukrainian conflict itself. It not only disrupts global production and supply chains and di...
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  • Russia-Ukraine Conflict Effect for World’s Economy

        First, global supply chains are broken and economic decoupling may intensify. The United States and its Western allies have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia. The United States and other Western countries have fr...
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  • Two-dimensional Materials for Machining

          As transistors continue to be miniaturized, the channels through which they conduct current are getting narrower and narrower, requiring the continued use of high electron mobility materials. Two-dimensional mater...
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  • Semiconductor Materials

          The United States develops semiconductor materials with high thermal conductivity to suppress chip heating. With the increase in the number of transistors in the chip, the computing performance of the compute...
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  • New Two-Dimensional Wear-Resistant Materials

        Similar to graphene, MXenes is a metal carbide two-dimensional material composed of layers of titanium, aluminum, and carbon atoms, each of which has its own stable structure and can easily move between layers. In M...
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  • High-Performance Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys

      High-Performance Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys can be used in next-generation nuclear reactors The nuclear industry has high requirements on the reliability of reactor component materials, requiring the materia...
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  • Carbon Fiber Vitrified Composite Material Realizes The Reversal Of Structural Fatigue

        Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites exhibit better specific strength and stiffness than metals, but are prone to fatigue failure. The market value of carbon fiber-reinforced resin matrix composites could reac...
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  • Thermoplastic Composite Materials

        Thermoplastic Composite Materials can achieve the same strength and durability as traditional materials such as steel/aluminum; at the same time, the production/maintenance cycle of the body can be greatly shortened...
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