• Titanium Status and CNC Machining

        On April 17, the 7103 Plant of the Sixth Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group conducted a test run with a liquid oxygen kerosene engine behind the secondary pump of my country's new-generation manned launc...
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  • The Situation of Importing Titanium from China 2

        At the same time, Airbus does have a lot of inventory. In other words, even if Russia actively embargoes, it will not affect the production of Airbus aircraft for a period of time. Especially given the backdrop of a drop...
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  • The Situation of Importing Titanium from China

        European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has urged the West not to impose an embargo on Russian titanium imports. Airline chief Guillaume Faury believes that such restrictive measures will not have a major impact on th...
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  • Welding Technology 2

        Multilateralized Cracks In the solidified crystallization front, under the action of high temperature and stress, the lattice defects move and aggregate to form a secondary boundary, which is in a low plastic state ...
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  • Welding Technology

          With the development of industries such as iron and steel, petrochemical industry, ships and electric power, the welded structures tend to develop in the direction of large-scale, large-capacity and high...
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  • What is Metalworking?

          Are you a metalworking enthusiast? Are you interested in intricate artwork or logos made of metal? So, welcome to the variety of applications in this industry, from metal marking, engraving, stamping and etching to gri...
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  • Titanium Alloy Processing

          The first thing to talk about is the physical phenomenon of titanium alloy processing. Although the cutting force of titanium alloy is only slightly higher than that of steel with the same hardness, the physical p...
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  • Titanium Material Machining Processing

        The wear of the insert groove in titanium alloy machining is the local wear of the back and front in the direction of the depth of cut, which is often caused by the hardened layer left by the previous processin...
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  • Precautions for Processing

        (1) The tool should be ground and sharpened diligently to ensure that as little cutting heat as possible is generated during its processing. (2) Equipment, knives, tools and fixtures should be kept clean and chips s...
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  • Machining Technology of Titanium Alloys 2

        Reaming When titanium alloy is reamed, the tool wear is not serious, and both cemented carbide and high-speed steel reamers can be used. When using carbide reamers, the rigidity of the process system similar to...
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  • Machining Technology of Titanium Alloys

    1. Turning Turning of titanium alloy products is easy to obtain better surface roughness, and the work hardening is not serious, but the cutting temperature is high, and the tool wears quickly. In view of these characteristi...
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  • Reasons for the Difficulty of Processing Titanium Alloys

        The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is small, so the cutting temperature is very high when processing titanium alloy. Under the same conditions, the cutting temperature of processing TC4[i] is more than double tha...
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